Faith and Fashion...

For as long as I can remember I was obsessed with fashion. Clothing and more clothing, but not clothing that everyone else was wearing, I always wanted to have what others didnt, I wanted to be different.

At 13 I started wearing hijab, 13 is an awkward age and as such my hijab clothing was awkward. Mostly hand me downs from my sisters, clothing that I felt embarrased in, they were clothing more suited to a 25 year old woman not a 13 year old new hijaby. It takes new hijabys quite a while to find thier own style, you experiment with different looks and ideas until you find what suits you best.

My parents were low income earners and so we had no money to spend on clothes, but once I had some finances , this is when my fashion independence and true experimenting began. I varied between Muslim "hip hop" with super baggy jeans and chunky shoes to vintage clothing, finally finding my own style, a style which I felt met the guidelines. A style of faith and fashion

Amongst all of the struggles I felt I faced, to be accepted by society as a hijaby, struggling with identity and being a teenager I realised and truely realise now how clothing to some can prop up self confidence and pride in oneself. Its also a way of expressing individuality, displays status, wealth , culture and religious affiliation. Whatever the reason, it is all beautiful to me

My only qualms with fahion is that is can be obsessive, consumerism at its best. Mainstream fashion can also be a struggle, trying to hijabify clothing is a task. And because of all this I turned my hand to fashion, selling and design. I would love to share this passion with the world and in the process if I can help any unflattering-older-sisters-clothes-wearing-13 year old then my job is done.

Our objective with our attire, is modesty in fashion. I see many a girl and woman lost between her faiths fashion and western fashion. Too many Muslim fashion bloggers state thier "style crush" or "inspirations" being other hijaby bloggers in innapropriate Muslim attire. Why are we not aspiring to better things? I am no Mother Theresa, but theres a line you dont cross in hijaby fashion that sadly too many Muslim women are crossing, and some of us have to show the better alternative InshAllah. May Allah (swt) help me first and foremost.

Salams and salutaions

Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) said: There will be in the last of my ummah, scantily dressed women, the hair on the top of their heads like a camel’s hump. Curse them, for verily they are cursed. [At-Tabarani and Sahih Muslim]


  1. well said bruski and some parts of this really made me think about a lot of self reflecting to do

  2. Same, reminder to ourselves! By the way forgot to mention in the piece that I think it was YOU who really got me into clothing!!

  3. i like this article. Maybe you should also write an article about the two schools of thought - Fashion and Faith a big NO-NO or fashion and faith- NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! i think there are really strong oppnions about this out there and i would really like to read about what ur point of view is.. even though i already know.. also can you shuttup and start posting some looks of the day you lazy so and so..

  4. Yay, we finally get an insight into the mind of Ebru! May Allah reward you for doing something proactive about the situation you see out there instead of just complaining like most of us :-) I have to say Ebru, I've known you for many years and never really knew about your passion for fashion. Hope that doesn't say anything bad about me as a friend, lol. Looking forward to seeing more of your designs, it makes it so much more meaningful to see a piece of clothing designed by someone you know and knowing the thought process behind it all. Until next time...

  5. thanks Seyma:)
    And Al it was a secret obsession and now its full blown! Thank you so much for the support and maybe you should convince your sis to start a blog, Id LOVE to see her work!!

  6. Hi Ebru! You have some beautiful desgins! Looking forward to seeing more from you. I love the first green dress in your other post you must make me one!

    and hey I know how it feels to have all this creative energy and not know what to do with it, glad you found something you're really passionate about!

  7. Salams Feda and thanks! If or when I find a manufacturer for my designs I will surely make you one! Its so frustrating I have so many designs and ideas that I cant get out!!
    Yes my whole family is pretty artistic and creative!