musings of a mad woman.....

it passes me by as I watch
etching horizontals, deep crevices on my face
like watching from afar it escapes me
forever trying to keep up but falling back, time and time again
as i delve into the great abyss of unknown the heart is saddened of the once was
why is it my heart cannot accept what is the inevitable
it aches to feel the contentment, the peace the acceptance
i cry
i cry for me and whats to come


  1. Worries of tomorrow:

    If I awake with the essentials for my day
    Then don’t worry me, May you be blessed!

    Don’t invoke the concerns of tomorrow to me
    For tomorrow too will have a new sustenance!

    I surrender my will if Allah desires an affair
    I leave what I aspire for what He desires. (Imam AlShafi'ee)

    Sorry for the poem, I know it's your thing, but I'm not as creative LOL.

    Just thought I would put forward my two cents, life has taught me that no matter what there will be trials and tribulations coming my way designed for me by the Almighty and I can't do anything about it. So do I let it suck all the smiles out of me (which I gotta tell ya it does), or do I take that opportunity as a blessing in disguise and think wow Allah knows I exist, Allah has given me this opportunity to make him proud of me, Allah has given me this opportunity to expiate me of my mountainous sins.....Sh*& is going to happen, it just doesn't deserve recognition.....and you're too beautiful to cry!!!