Ohh so yes Ive been a lazy mo fo

K.....kkkk....k where to start?  Blame instagram. But blogging has sort of lost me. Til today. Out of sheer boredom Im here. Yay boredom.
Ive brought out a second collection to my line. And still trying to get a third out but honestly the process is sooooo damn slowww!~Really it can be draining, you have an idea, your excited, you want a sample asap, it doesn't come.....still its not ready...it comes and its so not what you envisioned.
My brain is full of ideas, unfortunately the rest cant catch up. Biggest problem with me is Im not the most driven person. I'm not craving wealth, I don't want stardom. I just love fashion, have since I can remember so when Im excited and want the ball to roll,
Or ye, I sorta say MEH and the process is slowed down til that excitement hits me again

Oh oh ohhh and yes we had a Malaysian Stailista film crew come to Australia to film Melbourne Fashion Week and a few Muslim designers and yay I was part of it! Cant wait to see it, meant to come out in Feb and inshallah will post it up here.

Here are some images from my collection
take care ya'll xx
The Cats Meow maxi dress

The Ayse tunic in navy

The Ayse in baby blue

The Sateen maxi skirt

Emboss Me pencil skirt (teamed with Fishytail Peplum from first collection)

Some of my IG pics wearing pieces from my collection

Sorayya Launch

Weehooo yay and all that, Alhamdulillah I have finally launched my new collection! Its been about two weeks and I HAVE been a bad girl. Im only just telling you all now. (smacks herself on the hand) Here are my pics!
Thank you to LAHZA photography for the awesome photoshoot
Thank you to my family members for make up, and help on the day
Thank you to my friend Sema for help with styling
Thank you to my two gorgeous models, my niece Sera and her friend Chrystal

For purchases please search SORAYYA on Facebook

'Hello Hi-Lo' Black dress

'BASIK' line maxi dress in grey and purple

'BASIK' line mocha pencil skirt

'BASIK' line black pencil skirt

'Fishytail Peplum' top in gold

'Fishytail Peplum' top in black

'Miss Universe' kaftan

and moi :) on my tippy toes hehe

Blue, red and snuggly buggly cardi

Its getting coldddd here, and who doesnt love a snuggly buggly cardi, and let me tell you this one is one dang snuggly cardi! Heres some beach and moi picaricas

Why cant they see the truth??

I'm not a conspiracy theory loony  I swear I'm not, however some things are just so obviously a load of baloney that peoples stupidity drives me insane.
The Boston bombing, as soon as I saw it I thought how sad for the lives lost, and at the same moment I thought here we go again, lets blame the Muslim. And lo and behold they blamed the Muslim. Two poor teenage boys, boys who had been living in the US for 10 years, boys who had assimilated into American culture, boys whose friends were shocked at the allegations that they were the bombers.

Why would two teenage brothers commit such a crime? If you ask me I don't think they did and in all honesty this saddens me the most. One has lost his life and the other, who knows what they are going to do to him That could have been my brother, my son, my friend. THAT COULD BE ME ONE DAY. If we don't stand against this whose to say one of us wont be one of us?

How convenient that while the gun debate rages in the US this happens? Great way to distract us all. Great way for the NRA to make money off peoples fear, arm yourselves against the great evil the Muslim threat! Sales=money=control.

I'm so sick of being an apologetic Muslim. Why am I apologizing for what I haven't committed? Why is it we feel the need to commiserate when EVERY day our brothers and sisters are being bombed in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq, why isn't anyone apologising to us? No more I say.

A friend passed this link onto me. Hello USA, land of the free my ass. Hello WORLD, wake up.


Im officially hooked on IG. Really, its an obsession. Its taken me away from blogging and I've missed blogging, and reading other blogs. Blogging for me is quite therapeutic, I've always loved English and reading therefore writing was also a love of mine. I'm finding because of my anxiety (which was severe when I was pregnant and post pregnancy, but Alhamdulillah it is very rare and mild now) I seem to not like to think, I know that sounds very strange but the person who loved reading and watching documentaries now watches My Kitchen Rules and The Voice and instead of blogging, writing and reading I'm on the easy IG, where its just frivolous pics, NO thinking required thank you very much!

So last night in my usual state of overthinkaritis when trying to sleep I said to myself back to blogging for you! And not just pics of what I wore and food pics. Yes they will still be posted but in between all that I want to write. I just think with three children and trying to get my biz back on its feet and all that jazz that's called life I tend to not have any ideas left over. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if some of my very small followers would ask me questions or give me topics they would like to know my opinion on. I'm really opinionated and strong willed so I promise to make it controversial!

All said and done Ill put a few of my IG pics to get ya'll up to speed,I have heaps more but Ill pace it out and Im waiting for some ideasssss pleaseeeeee!!:)

Vintage dress and leather

My summer colour fest!


My hand, if ya didnt know 

We have a new Turkish restaurant here in Melbourne and their coffee presentation is gorgeous don't you think? 

double trouble