brown brown go to town

Ok so I'm obsessed with brown. Seems I'm like forever wearing it. If its not a piece of clothing its my scarf or shoes or some accessory. I treat it a bit like black, I think pretty much most colours go with it, there's a few colours that Id definitely not wear with it but other then that its full steam ahead. Chooooo chooooo!

brown scarf-home made
brown silk shirt-Country Road
black pencil skirt- Country Road
tan leather belt-I no not whence it came from
nude shoes- my FAV pair of heels, I swear I can wear these all day and they don't hurt one bit! I really need to find a similar pair as I have had these for ages and the tips are all faded, they is lookn a bit scruffy but I LURVEEEEEEE them!!

silver cuff and dome silver ring
I am a fan of cuffs and rings, not really big on necklaces as my hijab is quite long in the front so the necklaces usually get lost under it. So I do rings and cuffs:)


  1. Love necklaces but my scarf too is always long at the front (and short at the back), so can't do necklaces. I really like the skirt, reminds me of one of my portmans skirt that I lost.

  2. Im glad Im not the only one who struggles with necklaces. I have a few really long ones that work but they are hard to find! Yer CR brought out these and I bought two as its often hard to find good quality black pencil skirts!

  3. very very nice outfit me loving it xoxoxo

  4. Ebru you fashionista you...MashAllah you've dressed awesome n modest from the moment I met you many many many (I may have added one too many many we aint THAT years ago..N this outfit is no different always stylish all the while looking effortlessly beautiful...Love it.

  5. Oh Sarah you are always too kind! Thats one of the BIGGEST compliments anyone can ever pay me:) Your an awesome friend. (even if your too busy for me!!!:)

  6. ohhh i love the whole look! i love that shirt and the length!! might have to borrow it.. and keep it..

  7. hehe you do know Im NEVER lending you anything ever again dont you????:)

  8. Salams sister. Got your blog link from SWB. wow. you've got a cool blog in here.

    followed you btw. i'd be very happy if you could visit me back and follow.. :)

    anyway, lovely photo. and i love that ring. :)

  9. W.S Kcaiyah.D. wow thanks sis that means so much to me as Im so new to blogging! Ill def follow you too InshAllah:)

  10. Sister, I am holding a Hijabi Giveaway. I was wondering if you or any other Muslimah who reads this would like to enter! It's really simple all you have to do is send me email all the details are on my blog


    jazallah khair Rabia