romp in the park

Well maybe not! but it had you interested didn't it???? hmmmmm????? anyway we did sit in the sun on this awesome afternoon, had a lovely time munching on nibblies, gas bagging and playing a lil tennis.

You know a few days back a few friends and I were talking about our husbands. Its a conversation Ive had with countless women. It seems across the board, regardless of age, race or religion we women have the exact same complaint. Don't get me wrong Alhamdulillah I feel really blessed, my husband is very much like myself. Laid back, looks after the tiddly winks when I'm out with my girls, works very hard to provide for us (mashAllah), so its not like I complain much but if its brought up in conversation hey I contribute,  it only seems fair!

The point of topic being that we all want one thing, one huge but little thing from our men and that is to make an effort with us. Im telling you, unless you are newly married (to me that can be up to five years) or you have an EXTRAORDINARY husband, then its unequivocally an issue in most households. Really we are so easy to please, show us a lil attention and we are jumping in our pants! Its things like buying us something, anything doesn't have to be diamonds, (although.....hehe) but something you have heard us talk about or point to or pine over. To us you buying that lil something means that you have LISTENED to us. Its not the present, its the thought, yes we have all heard it before but it really is the truth when it applies to our spouse. Other things like booking romantic getaways or organizing a date night are things that will turn our insides into jelly!. Again doesn't matter where you take us (ok maybe if it were to Maccas then that WOULD be an issue)  just that you thought, hey my wife deserves a break, WE deserve a night out. That you thought about it, that you suggested it that you even went as far as booking a place without being prompted will mean that we are on your mind. And yes we totally understand your tired and work hard and we understand it cant happen as often as we like, but once in a while wouldn't hurt would it??

I digressed, don't know why or how, anyway here are some park pics. Sometime at home I dress up look in the mirror and think yeee I look good, then I catch a glimpse in a shop window or see a photo of myself and think what was i thinking????? lol I don't totally hate what I'm wearing, I mean it wouldn't be up here if that were the case but it isn't as flattering as it looked in my mirror this morning, I swearrrrr!!!!