My designs...and some sketches

OK so I have said previously that I dabble in design. I'm not formaly trained, far from it, which will be blaringly obvious from my sketches. If I were to ever go back to uni,I would definitely do fashion design. No doubt. So here are a few sketches, the first few are REALLY old, like over 5 years but I'm just letting you all see the changes in my head. Then we have a design or two and the finished product, and some time later in another post I will put more sketches up of items I am intending on having samples made and/or manufactured. Slowly but surely my friend. Slowly but surely:)

HERE we have three sketches and then finished pieces

this is my Asian Kaftan, made in salmon pink raw silk

the above is my three piece kimono set

and lastly you have seen the above in a previous post but here is again so you can see the creative process behind it:)


  1. how do i comment

  2. nwiceeeeeeee girli. really creative, let me know when you start production, hehehhee.

  3. Oww thanks Whbet:) I def will I cant wait I have finally found a company...woooot!

  4. The Asian Kaftan looks beautiful!

    Want! :P