Attended the wedding of the lovely Esra and I must say it was a great wedding mashallah. It was segregated with men on one side and women on the other, no music/dancing and honestly was the best segregated wedding I have attended. She has some beautiful religious talks on marriage, nasheeds and traditional Turkish dancers. Her dress was stunning I'm so pooped that I didn't get a pic of it!


  1. That jacket looks gorgeous on you and I must say that pic of Dilek looks beautiful! xx

  2. Sounds lovely! You look so elegant. Sarita

  3. Love your peplum top. So elegant ♥

  4. mashaallah Ebru you are looking great!!! also love that peplum top and the pop of pink... whenever I am invited to segregated weddings I am always wondering how bored I will be. I have probably been to 1 or 2 very well planned segregated weddings. considering the amount of time and planning ppl put into non segregated weddings, I think it would be wonderful if ppl spent at least an equal amount of time planning segregated ones. well planned ones are always so much more beneficial :)

    1. Thanks Edibe! I totally agree a well planned segregated wedding can be awesome!

  5. salam sis. nice peplum dress you got there. you look absolutely stunning. <3

    i followed your blog. can you follow me back?? see you in my blog. :) thanks.