my weekender in SYDNEY!!

Hey ladies and gentlemen, it feels like ages since Ive been on here and have surely missed it! I have been  busy with things and stuff as usual andddddd I took a lil trip to Sydney on the weekend with a lovely friend. I have been wanting to go for quite a while but all my good for nothn' family and close friends just didn't have the time or means to oblige me, but, when I heard ZARA had opened a store there, my WANT turned into a NEED!!! Mussssst haveeeeee Zaraaaaa.....

Ok I know I'm a nutter, so shoot me.

So off I went with my friend Yussra, who actually asked me to go with her as she was due for a trip so Alhamdulillah it worked out well! I had an awesome time in Sydney!  Highlights for me were most definitely meeting for the first time two friends I have made through my FB business, Samia and Zaynab, it was so nice to meet face to face and find out that they were both as genuine and wonderful as they seemed through our FB encounters. I also fell in love with Circular Quay, having coffee by the water, with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge for views on balmy nights. Neptune Palace with the yummiest Chinese food!. The interesting Lebanese concept of restaurant wherein they have a FULL ON CHARCOAL BARBEQUE outside, on the footpath on the STREET! lollll, we had a right royal laugh at that!! The time Yussra parked our hire car in the Opera House underground parking which she couldn't remember where she parked and was sure it must have been stolen only to be found one and half hours later!! And finally the shopping! We didn't do heaps but just enough for my appetite to be satisfied! Zara I love you!

I must say however I think Sydney is really run down looking, the roads are REALLY bad, the bus drivers grumpy side swipers and there are no cafes around every corner like in Melbourne!!

Have to say a big thanks to Yussra for the great adventure!!!!

I'm sorry ladies I didn't take my camera (NEVER listen to your hubby when he says , "you don't want to lug that around do you? just take pics with your phone") The pics are not the same, so I have  few from my phone and some from my friends enjoy!

Yussra checking in at the hotel
harbour bridge
dawn shot of the harbour bridge and opera house
me:) wearing my new Zara hot pink top and toting my new Zara tan bag!
Yussra and I having breaky at the Q.V~really beautiful shopping centre!

ta-daaaaaaaaaa!! Zara here I come!! see lil ole' me at the end of the line??

Ebru's rapt with her buys!:)
Zara tan heels
C.R black flats (these were on sale and sooooo cheap!!)


  1. looks like you had a great time, damn I wish I coulda made it!! Next time inshallah

  2. Yes you should have come!!! we shall do a sisters one next InshAllah!

  3. Allhamdulliah glad u had fun ebs!!
    so sorry cudnt get to meet u got caught up with some stuff n bubbas been teething!
    insyallah next time!

    btw love ur ZARA purchases!!! HOT!!
    peace n love

  4. ohhh i really wished i met up with you iA next time!

  5. Thanks MYA!! No probs at all, when you have children its harder to get things done! InshAllah we will meet up when you come to Melbourne some time:)
    I havent seen your Zara purchases?? You did go right?

  6. Haiina no worries, you have just had a baby!! InshAllah when you come to Melbourne next Ill take you guys out!

  7. Loved meeting you too! Hehe lets hope our next encounter has me in comfy shoes:) love the pics you should have posted the pic up from Yussra. Love your bits from Zara. Lolllll at the missing car did you really look around that long I can just imagine it!!!!

  8. Lol, the things we do in the name of fashion ey! Yesss!!! she was in there for 40 mins before I went in, walked up 5 levels looking for it! We finally found the guy working there who told us there are five levels up and five levels down! I finally found it after Yussra insisted it had to be stolen!! It was so bloody hot in there too!

  9. Absolutely lovin the purchases! Can't for zara to open in Melbourne on bourke street in June! I am gona go madddd

  10. Thanks Anon! I knowwwwww!!! cant wait either, hope they have new stock for our opening!!

  11. Yeahhhh reallyy!!!! Haha!!! Testinggg 123!!!!