Somali fundraising dinner

Alhamdulillah the dinner we have been organizing since the beginning of Ramadan is finally over! Despite a few hiccups in the beginning with seating and the like, it ended up being an awesome night with $14,135.85 raised on the night and from the funds being deposited into the account since the beginning of Ramadan that brings the total amount raised to date at $28,480.50 ! I was pleasantly surprised at the amazing bids on the night and we could see that everyone was feeling extremely generous, especially after watching the amazing mini-movie produced by my IT friend. How can you not be after seeing those images? Ya Allah :( We are still collecting money until the end of the month inshAllah and I will keep you all updated on the final amount!


  1. Owww that would have been awesome! Move here I tell ya woman!!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh MashaAllah!!!! Well done girls, absolutely fantastic May Allah reward you all.
    Ebsy next time there is a dinner I am sooooooo there InshaAllah!!!

  3. InshAllah Whbet!
    It was truly fantastic MM!