midnight musings....part 4

theres a coldness to my heart
as if soft snow has crept upon it
taken hold
its tentacles creep 
warm tears stream down, trying to revive
a glimpse of a beat
it cries out for its warmth
before its too late....come back to me
before the beat subsides
into nothing...


  1. salaams my dear

    saw ur eid outfits on fb but as i'm no longer on it, i can't ask you a question, boohoo. my haleeema wants to know what length the blue print ruffle skirt is and would it fit a 66 cm skirt. and she likes the top, what price and size? gracias

  2. lollll Al, you can email me!!! its 99cm long, if she has a skirt you can measure to compare thats the best way to do it. OMG how old is Haleema now? is she tall for her age?? Oh and the top is the mannquins, its just a plain black top u can buy everywhere:))