me so lazy.....

Yer so Iv'e been to a few ladies nights and weddings and outings and have been all dressed up but was too lazy/late/ceebz to take pics. So here's are the few mish mash shots I found on my phone from a Tulip festival and a lovely cafe. I do regret not taking pics at the girls night though, I was quite happy with my outfit and even had my make up done! Poop for me! I promise next outing will have proper pics!


  1. Hello beautiful,

    You look faboulous mashallah and I love the Tulip festavale pics. I can;t belive how fast it has come around already. Seems like I was there yesterday :P
    I might take the trek there with the family this weekend. Your post has come as a good reminder.

    I have been super lazy on the blog and general social activity.
    I find it was good to lay low sometime :P

    Hope you have an awesome weekend and Jumma Mubarak
    Samira xoxox
    (Ps. Sorry on the essay)

  2. lovely flowerss! love your trench coat! Are those your kids, they are beautiful mA! mmmm at the coffee and tea :)

  3. I also have those days when I don't feel like taking pics or I don't have time and then I regret it lol.
    Beautiful pics between:)