lil trip n stuff

So I went on a lil trip for a few days, boy was it needed. Its so nice to get away from the mundane life, no stress no fuss just the way i like it. I'm in such a confuddled state at the moment. Im torn between doing about three things, Im over shopping my life away so its either work, study or start my biz back up. Just when I decide on one or the other I'm changing my mind again, I seriously feel like a waste of space atm. Sooo this trip was a nice change, beautiful scenery make my heart happy!


  1. Your ring, your outfit and that house!! Gorgeous! Beautiful scenery too xx

    1. Thanks Dee, the house had the most beautiful view! We are really luck here aren't we, some awesome places!

  2. Beautiful pictures.
    Love your ring and cardigan.

    XO Arezu

  3. gorgeousness!!!! breathtaking scenery! Love your looks and the ring is so cute!

  4. Hi!! Where abouts is that house located? Any chance you could pop a link to it up please :)