my packages are here!!!

Here are few lovelies I ordered recently.....OMG I LOVE PACKAGES FOUND LEFT AT MY DOOR!!
its my secret addiction SHHHHHH!!!!:)

I will be putting together some outfits with these four items and putting each pic up each look out for them!!!

one of ze packages in question

grey leopard print long sleeved maxi

brown 3/4 sleeves maxi

green stripe bubble skirt

and lastly brown maxi skirt-this I'm still a lil iffy on, its a little big on me and it makes me look hippy (as in big hipped and not the free lovn', peace keepn' type:)

I have another package or two on the yer I'm gonna bore ya'll with those too!!:)


  1. omg so hijabi friendly clothes can u pls share where u bought them from? many thanks oh and also can u give us a few online websites u shop from that would be great many thanks

  2. awwww ebbs i heart every single piece u bought where did u get them from?

  3. omg I love the leopard maxi I saw one in Macys department store thats to die for Im so tempted to buy it but the price its crazy a bit.

  4. Omg love the maxi please share where you bought it from?

  5. receiving packages or even mail is also my favorite thing in the world!!

  6. omg i love all of them ebs!! from whereeth areth themeth frometh??

  7. i have those brown pants! they are amazing, its all from asos right?

  8. Madiha its a skirt not pants!:)