a sister sent me this message today.....

Dear Ebru,How are you? Thank you for posting the article about Rehab El Buri,her words are so inspiring,it got me thinking alot about my own life,i cant stop thinking about what she said,i really needed to hear that,she has given me a new look on life,and i want to remember her words always inshalah to keep this new motivation i have right now alive,for eg.to start getting up to pray Fajr,i have been intending to do that for so long,but now i feel there is no more excuses,and inshalah i will start tomorrow morning:)That's just one of the many things i need to start doing.I also purposely gave it to my Husband to read:),hoping he will have a new perspective on life,as he spends way too much time on Face book and other things on the net,as i have pointed out to him so many times but unfortunately i get nowhere with him,anyway,I'm glad i read about her today,thank you again.take care.Anon.

Wallahi we are all in the same boat. I cried at her story, but in the end I think we were all left with her words. We get so caught up in the rubbish of our daily lives, kids, consumerism, FB, the net, all of it and sometimes we need a good kick in the head to remind us that its all fleeting. One day it will all be for nothing. I think its all about finding that balance, we still have to live but we need to balance and equal, if not exceed it with the rememberance of Allah(swt). I get up for fajr but have days when I hear the azaan and think I cant get up, but this morning I flew up,lol. I just hope my stupid human self flies up every morning. And today I read Quran for the first time in so long Im embarrased to say. I think the best way is to attend classes to motivate you. And I too did the same, sent the link to my hubby, Im going to ask him today if he read it. Dont worry all men are the same arent they?:)

And ladies if I FORGET the onus is on you all to remind me!!

God is GREAT! La illaha illAllah


  1. Thank you so much for adding this to your blog....May Allah guide us all in the right path and help us to continue to carry out our duties every day, Amiiin...

    Rest in peace dear sister Rehab El Buri....Inna Lillahi we inna ilayhi Raji'oon, may Allah take you into jannah.....amiin