midnight musings....pt 2

is someone talking to me?

because I cant hear it

is someone talking to me

because i cant see it

is someone talking to me

because i cant feel it

when will you realise I'm not listening

when its too late?

will it hurt your heart then

as mine has flitted away

the feeling of listening

of watching your mouth

of hearing the words

of feeling the heart which ends up in sound

i cant hear it anymore


  1. Wow now that's deep! Are you hurting or just reflecting??

  2. wow that's deep Ebizzle! Xx

  3. Wow.....so deep and meaningful.Soul searching and reflection seams to be to be the main flavor of this dish.
    Speaking of flavor,all this poetry has made me hungry, don't suppose you could "search" the fridge and "reflect" me a sammich?