Ive been TAGGED now its your turn!!

I was tagged in this post by the awesome Umm Sultana from Furiously Fab Muslima, and what a great idea! Follow the instructions and let us all know what you think!

You walk into the store and you see a scarf or dress in multiple colors. Which color do you choose and why? You can choose based on 3 motivations: 
  1. I choose because I love the color!
  2. I choose because this particular color looks good on me!
  3. I choose because this color is in season now and is really trendy!
My Answer: I must be the fastest shopper in the history of mankind, I know what i want and like as soon as I see it. I will walk into a store and skim the items with my eyes and if I see a piece of clothing that has beautiful fabric or unique style then I will pick it up. Many times colour will come into play. I tend to go for browns, tan, blues. I also love burgundy and fuchsia.  

I choose colours I love, the only colours I would never buy is white or yellow, both because I'm very fair myself and they tend to make me look washed out, especially since I don't wear much make up!

Im not one for trends, I buy what I like, I care not how many seasons ago it was in, or that its out of fashion. If modest clothing was in trend two seasons ago, as a Muslim why the heck would I not buy them now?  I try to buy two types of clothing, essentials that never date, and then items that have something unique about it. Zips, buttons, draping etc, in trend or not I will buy! I also make sure they suit my body shape, funny just recently I had as my status update on my blogs facebook page the following:
Ladies you all need to remember that sometimes what they see on others, or in magazines wont necessarily suit your body shape or personality. I see way too many ladies try and imitate others yet get it very wrong. Find a style that is yours, something that suits YOUR body shape whether it be thin, voluptuous, short or tall make it YOURS and WORK IT LADIES!!

Now what kind of shopper are you? Here is how to do it:
  • always link back to moi at: http://sorayyadesign.blogspot.com.au/
  • Copy and paste the scenario and the options
  • Give your answer and expwain!
  • Tag 3 to 12 of your most favorite bloggers with the same scenario
  • Don't forget to write out the rules so they know how to do it! 
  • Have fun with it!!! 
Welcome to Tagville! 

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there's soooo many more I read but really ceeeeebbbzzzz (cbs-cant be stuffed) putting up...sorry ya'll :)

I can't wait to see what your answers are!!!!


  1. OMG that's a great Idea.. I'm going to try it.
    EBS your too beautiful. I love u loads sis!!!!!!

  2. just wanted to say you are very talented mA. im a big fan of sorayya design! makes me wish i lived in australia :)


  3. Ditto T.M!!
    Welcome Sariaz thank you so much! Are you from Turkey?

  4. no im from Pakistan, living in the US. but i love your collections!! international shipping can get expensive though.

  5. I'll do my answer in 2weeks time coz I'm overseas and the net is so slow... Yey!
    I love your style too!!