to do list

I started with 50 things I want to do list but lo and behold couldn't come up with 50! So here is the downsized 20 things, I actually quite enjoyed doing it and really recommend it to all, give it a try and see what you come up with!

 20 things I want to do

1.   Romantic candlelit dinner with someone special (eherm eherm if anyone 'special' is reading!)
2.  .peninsula hot springs
3.  Quad bike riding
4.  Get my hair and makeup done and have my nails painted for no particular reason!
5.  Spend weekend in a beautiful holiday house with a crackling fireplace
6.  Watch the sunrise on the beach!!
7.  Go book shopping and finally start a home library-this includes a beautiful unique bookshelf
8.   Gourmet picnic for two
9.   Buy one high end designer bag
10.               Ferry ride from Portsea to Sorrento
11.                Relaxing massage and facial
12.               Go for a walk one afternoon with family
13.               Take a photography course
14.               Spend more time with games, paint and read with them
15.               Read more Quran and Islamic books (this should be up top!)
16.               Decorate home flowers more often
17.               Buy a Vespa and zip around town
18.                Learn to not get agitated so easily
19.                Do some voluntary work for an awesome cause
20.               Get off our butts and organise our next event for the charity group I co-founded!


  1. I love To Do lists! Hmm...I'm going to try to do 50 and see if I can even fill it up. It is also fun to read other ppls lists. Gives you insight into their lives.

    What is this charity you have co-founded? Sounds interesting! Would love to read more about it.

    My recent post

  2. Yay Id love to see yours and if you can get 50 things on it!
    Well I was really moved by the famine in Somalia and had enough of being sad then doing nothing about it, so I enlisted a few friends and said we have NO choice, we must do something no matter how big or small. We organised a fundraiser, bank account and raised a whopping $60,000 in a matter or two months!! So from that we started our group AMARA, and Im proud to say I have just come back from a meeting and we are starting our next fundraising dinner for Syria! Im so excited:))

    1. Wow, that is truly amazing Masha'Allah. I was thinking about hosting a fundraising dinner where I live...but I didn't even know how to start. It would be amazing to learn about the steps you took to establish this charity!

  3. I'm a list lover as well. It's always great to put your intentions/aspirations in writing. It's the first step, I say.

    1. I totally agree, having it down on paper (or pc!) sort of makes it official!

  4. Wow mashallah sis. May Allah reward your efforts! You know me, I am all about to-do lists. This sounds more like a bucket list wink* wink*. Anywho here is what I have to about some timelines/deadlines on these things!

    1. Thanks lovely, yep I think I saw it on your blog a while ago and that's what inspired me thanks!

  5. aww what a cute idea! you should keep us updated as you cross things off the list. i like that you dont have a deadline for these things. makes it more spontaneous and less stressful :)

    1. I will Sarah! Yer true I just hope I get off my procrastinating toosh and do them!:)