SHOPN SHOPN SHOPN...and some coffee with friends

 So I had to go and exchange my phone as yet AGAIN I dropped it and broke the screen, so I thought we would make a day of it and have breaky and of course do some shopping ! I went with two friends and my sister of COCOS PEARLS. We had a lovely breaky, I ate a bruschetta topped with balsamic and some sweet tea, NOM NOM NOM. Ladies be warned I LOVETH my FOODETH and you will definitely see a lot of it on here!

We headed off to the shops and  I thought I would be picking up some pieces from my previous post -Shopping List. I seemed to have missed Sportscraft, but did try on the boots I wanted. I found two versions, the one in the picture I have up, this one I LOVED, however found the heel to be a tad high, I want one that I can wear without feeling like I'm over dressed and it needs be comfy. The second pair had the perfect heel height and were oober comfy, however they were a boring version of the first and I dont want boring. Sooooo I am still looking and am sure will find the MR.PERFECT of boots InshAllah. I did pick up a salmon pink batwing cardi from Forever New and an awesome wool brown and black stripe jumper from Veronika Maine, the thing I love about this jumper is that the back is slightly longer then the front. I absolutely love any type pf detail in clothing that sets it apart. In my designs you will see that a lot of the time I have some sort of detailing- so stay tuned!!:)

Here are a few shots my 2 year old son Zak took of me, my sister and friend. I think he did an awesome job for a bub in a pram who can barely hold the heavy camera!! I also really like the angles! LOL. Our other friend Yussra seems to be missing in the pics but she was trying on some dresses...sorry Yuss!!

Im wearing a leaopard print maxi from my shop Sorayya Design, the cropped Bardot denim jacket mentioned in a previous post and pink hijab.


  1. Noice, love the leopard dress. Hot mumma x

  2. nawwww shucks thanks Samia!!

  3. hey ebs i ended up going to ur shop and picking up this dress it was the last one.. anyways ur blog looks way better without me in it.. so dnt worry my firend.. anyways u always look gorgeous mashallah.. sevda looks good as well.. both of u girls dnt even need to try.. love u both

  4. Oh Im loving all the outfits! Those boots are so freakin adorable! You should so get them!

  5. Thanks Yuss, although Im sure the dress will look hotter on you!

    Malinda many thanks! I do want them but I need them to be comfy too!!!:)