Shopping List...

Here is what I want, I want them all and I want them NOW!!

Ok so maybe a few at a time is more sane, as I get them I will put pics up for your perusal.

1. Silk navy long sleeve dress-Sporstcraft

2. Military style boots-mid heel in grey, beige or off white-havent found the ones I want yet! One of these maybe?

3. New black heels-again me no no which ones, maybe these????

4. Winter coat. I have an awesome winter white one, but alas the fat doesnt let me fit into it, I want to cry and I refuse to get rid of it!

5. Rust coloured long sleeve dress from Veronika Maine-cant find a pic as its new stock

6. Brown maxi skirt-Country Road -cant find a pic as its new stock

7. Dark red patent platform heels Tony Bianco-cant find a pic as its new stock

8. Brown wool blazer

9. Wide leg pants along these lines, I think Cue and Jigsaw have them, need to go try some on


  1. hahahaha your list is about as big as mine!!!! We need to do some serious shopping Bruski!!!

  2. oh yeah butttttttttttt gotta find the money first!

  3. Im loving heeled boots n wide leg pants!
    there so hot this season!

  4. so were going shopping 2morrow inshallah were u intending to by me every single item on ur wish list??? coz if ur not than ur no longer my friend hahahahha

  5. Saw a similar boot in Wittner today, very nice!

  6. Ye they have a few stores with similar styles, I just want one that isnt too high.

  7. hi sis i bought a gorjuz leopard skin dress ffrom ur shop and i have a wedding thats coming up and i dont really know how to dress it up could u please suggest ways on how to? also it wasnt the lighter one its darker one

  8. Hi Anon, that dress is so versatile, you can dress it up or down! I have actually just posted some pics of it now! Ahhh, personally I would wear some kick ass heels, a cropped cardi or bolero, satin shawl in brown or any hues of pink, blue etc. So many colours go with the brown leopard. And remember things dont have to always match, and you can wear different shades of the same colour!