Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

We took the tiddlywinks to the annual Flower and Garden Show and as always we were impressed with the amazing flower creations and garden designs. I Have to say I fell in LOVE with the flower fashion modelled on mannequins! They were totally inspiring!
I wanted to wear something warm and comfy as it was a lil chilly out so donned my brown maxi dress from a previous post PACKAGES ARRIVE!! Threw on a long cardi as the dress is very fitted with flats and bobs your uncle!

the following are some weird and wonderful flower arrangements
these were  miniature tea cups with flowers arranged in a tree
awesome centre piece, Id LOVE to attend a function with a table set like this!!
remember these are ALL made purely from flowers, plants bark etc!
FAVORITE part of the exhibition, floral fashion!
the exhibition building ceiling and gardens
LOVED this femme's look !

so my double chin and boob are both out but meh!:)
and finally the beautiful garden designs, ahhhhh me WANTS the jacuzzi with the pop out TV! awesomeness!


  1. some really nice pics here, inlcuding the one of you. Very becoming indeed xoxoxox

  2. thanks to the both of ya:=}

  3. thanks for putting up these pics, love 'em. i've got to get some plants happening in my life.

  4. honestly felt the same way! starting with a herb/ vegie patch inshAllah!

  5. sorry but bob isnt my uncle howver i must say love ur look gorgoeus as always hunz


  6. Cummmonnnn! everyone has an uncle bob, dont they??? lol, thanks Yussra:)

  7. Reallllly wanted to go to looooks awesome...but the hubz is working this weekend darn it! Needed some inspiration of the green kind...InshAllah next year...I kinda know what I want just wanted some Ideas on how to put it together..the pics are gorgeous! N i agree Jacuzzi's are the shizzle....get one..;) The bar with the water feature's pretty awesome too...