Shopping in the city...a bit of girl time

A few friends,my sister and myself went shopping in Melbourne city on the weekend. We did a little bit of shopping, lunchin' and had a great ole' laugh! I didn't take many pics as I was having way too much fun to think of photo's!

some of the interesting characters you find in the city!!

my BF going for "grabs" lol
buggered and having a coffee...Sema me mate:)

I only bought three items, I'm a bit iffy on the dress but loving my jacket and heels!
my loot :)
brown long sleeve maxi-Ojay

grey leather jacket by Nique (if it looks worn , that's cos it is, I wore it ALREADY, lol)

loving my new black heels!-Country Road


  1. amazing stuff you have there! love ur jacket and specially the dress I'm searching for one like that.,....lucky you :)

  2. Thanks S.H! The dress is really nice but Ive gained weight and it shows every bump and lump!!

  3. do what you did when you tried it on. Wear something underneath to smooth it out. Wish we were the same damn size I woulda eventually scummed that jacket off you or "comveniently" taken it home with me without you knowing.....

  4. You should have bought one coco!!! Go back I bet ya thay have your size!!

  5. Ebruuuuu Do you believe those frigggen beep beeeep beeeeeeps were closed when I went back? Still love the jacket..M/A..gonna have to wait til Im back in ler city....silly dumb dumb me is...hope it's still there!

  6. Owww really? poo! you should have gotten it then told ya!! InshAllah maybe when you go back it may be reduced!!! now that would be awesome!!