WOW! SubhanAllah a must watch....


  1. Lahawla Ulaqowta Illa'Billah, this helps to put things into perspective, our sole purpose is to WORSHIP ALLAH nothing else............on OUR day of reckoning Inshallah may ALLAH also be pleased enough with us to say to us, we have fulfilled our purpose: ALLAHUMA AMEEN... ALLAHU AKBAR....SUBHANALLAH WABIHAMDIKA!!

  2. Have you seen the whole thing 53 mins, everyone please please please watch it!! This is food for the soul, this is a way of guidance, Rahma from ALLAH subhana Wa Ta'ala! ALLAHU AKBAR, ALLAHU AKBAR!!

    What a shame, the human race to carry such arrogance in their lives, we are INSIGNIFICANT, and can only be significant through ALLAH's will THE SUPREME, THE MOST MERCIFUL, THE ALL MIGHTY!!