sydney trip...take 2

Yep I was in Sydney again, but this time around I had a purpose! We (three friends and myself) traveled to Sydney to hand over the whopping cheque amount of $58,856.55c to the chosen charity Muslim Aid Australia who will be sending it over to Somalia Inshallah, it was such an awesome feeling, Alhamdulillah! We also got to shop and eat at some amazing places!

After the trip I had to reflect a bit on some of my habits. From this I have decided to put myself to the test, one whole month of not purchasing ONE SINGLE item, ( as in clothing and accessories) I just feel like I'm a bit of a nutter at times and rely way too heavily on buying things to make myself happy. Its not as if I'm unhappy, but I get such a buzz out of shopping, I really feel it gets way out of hand and want to see if I can control it. It should make me a little more creative with what I already have too! So wish me luck ladies and I will keep you all updated!

Thanks to the other ladies for letting me take these pics as I didn't take my camera, ya'll are legends!


  1. ooo love that mustardy blazer! they sure do know how to plate food soo nicely in Australia! looks yummy!

  2. Thanks MH and Feda, I purchased the mustard blazer from Zara whilst in Sydney.
    The food is delish in Australia, you just have to find the right restaraunt!