relax breath eat

Today I went for my very first pedi! looked at my crusty feet and said its time my friend! so a mate and I went for manicure and pedicure and I must say I LOVED the pedi!! Will definately do that again! We spent the day having awesome coffee, food and just chilled. It was really relaxing....I didnt feel like I had to rush home for the kids or to make dinner so I had a wonderful time, thanks you know who xxoo


  1. Looking good :)
    A pedi and manicure is always awesome.
    I have to say though nothing beats a moroccon and cleopatra baths. I had both done in Egypt. I really didn't want to leave.

  2. That food looks very yummie!
    Cute pics :-)

    XO Arezu

  3. Replies
    1. Hey beautiful! I wanted to stop over and say thank you! I really appreciate you coming over and following my new blog. I hope you and your beautiful family are all in awesome health and imaan :)

  4. food looks scrummy!!! Cardi looks awesome!! xx

  5. yum. what restaurant was this?

  6. Hi Anon, two diff places, first dish was at a cafe called St Alis and the other dishes were from Mecca Bah

  7. Oh, and you look great too! Forgot to mention that :D