Sorayyas Eid Collection


Yes as most things in my life.... this blog wasn't going the way I had planned and so..... I gave up. I'm a giverupperer. My name is Ebs and I'm a giveruperer. My whole life consists of this. I start something and never complete it. I've been in some sort of a crossroads of late. All three of my children are in school now and I was completely lost. I've been a mother for 11 years. Thats IT a (dont get me wrong Alhamdulillah being a mother is an honour and extremely hard work! and I am sincerely grateful for not only being able to have children but to be able to stay home and bring them up) I haven't studied or worked in those 11 years and this is one regret, that I didnt further my studies while being a mother.  I asked myself recently who the heck are you? I really didnt know so much anymore.

People always so oh your so amazing you have three children and your own line and you must be so busy. Really my line, yes hard to start up, really only take up only part of my time. A couple of hours here and there. Its not large enough yet to be full time. Inshallah one day, but not now. And although its oneof my passions I think I need something thats more fulfilling. And this is my year Inshallah. My year to sort myself, figure out who I am and what I want to do for this world. For our community, for humanity. And so this leads, and dont ask me how I began with Sorayyas Eid my life crisis....leading back to my collection but here you have it, my new collection!

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The Parisian
Bubblegum pink box pleat maxi skirt

50's inspired pencil skirt with concealed kick pleat

Winter woolie
Charcoal grey wool pullover with frill shoulder detail

Purple Haze
Blouson maxi dres

Sunset Hues
Blouson maxi dress

Animal Instinct
Soft animal print kaftan

The Basique 
Black maxi dress with gold zip back detail


  1. amazing,, like

  2. Mashallah, so lovely collection! Congrats..May Allah keep blessing you in this lovely job!

    Salam Aleikum,

  3. Collection is nice and i feel still can be use for any occasion if have one in my wardrobe.