Salams ladies, so I couldn't put the pics up on time for several reasons. Firstly my PC with all the pics crashed arghhhhhhhh!! Then I was at the airport most of the day waiting to pick up my boxes from the order I made with KAYRA. So when hubby came home he told me he had copies of all the pics on his PC in the theatre room....phew what relief!! So here it is a tad late. They aren't the best of pics my 8yr old daughter took them, and I was so rushed as I had forgotten the deadline, I would have loved to have been more creative with the outfits and photography but try and do that with three little ones, its not easy...and...and...and here it is!:)

For me work wear would be worn in any type of creative environment....namely fashion so I think in these types of environments you can be more creative and not have to stick to the typical idea of what work wear entails...namely suits!


  1. love your outfit brusky....why isnt your outfits showing on HFW website??

  2. love those studded cuffs and those shoes :)

  3. love those pants n ur shoes...so cute!!!