so this is ladies night....dooodidoodido

NOM NOM NOM, that's all I'm saying!!
Lezzet Turkish restaurant  has the most beautiful, extraordinary food! Classy surrounds, awesome atmosphere, amazing food and fantastic company, what more can a girl ask for? All the food sounded divine and I found it so hard to choose! We shared our entrees of stuffed mushrooms with goats fetta and buttered Turkish bread and dips, they were delicious! I have been to Lezzet once before and chose the set menu then which I enjoyed immensely, this time round I ended up choosing the 18 hour cooked lamb with figs and honestly it was the best meat I have ever eaten! The meat was falling off the bone, so tender and succulent with a hint of sweetness from the figs. I tasted my sisters seafood dish and personally it wasn't my cup of tea, it was cooked well im just not a fan of lemony seafood, i would have loved it if it had a chilli or garlicy flavour. The Mongolian chicken was also very tasty!
Desert was an absolute experience! Traditional Turkish desert flavours wrapped in modern looks! Tiny baklava parcels on an ice-cream cone, Turkish delight golden liquid in pastry cups and other little delights! After a good giggle fest and full tummies we headed over to the Groove Train for tea, a cafe our friend Sareh frequents. A moody cafe with old pacman video game tables, too cool!


  1. Twas a good night indeed! Lol @ moody cafe!


  2. ahhhhh the food looks awesome I vant sum!

  3. annoyyyyyyyaaaannnccceee why would you post that picture?? had a really good time in a loonnggg time!

  4. Yum @ the desserts i waaaaannnttt some now! Looks like a fun night. Cute shoes!