I'm really digging this brand at the moment. Some very hijab friendly designs from this Australian brand!
Shakuhachi which shares a name with traditional Japanese bamboo flutes, is the brainchild of designer Jessie White, a native Australian who was inspired to create Shakuhachi after spending several years traveling the world. Her idea was simple: she wanted to create clothes that reflected her gypsy lifestyle. Despite a lack of formal training, White initially launched Shakuhachi with just three t-shirt styles, which proved to be so popular she quickly expanded the scope of her designs. These days the line offers a full-blown range of fresh and functional pieces, including everything from body-con dresses to leather goods to tailored jackets, and maxi dresses!

Love stories like this, gives me hope that although I too have no formal training I could get my brand somewhere Inshallah. NOTE TO SELF: chop chop and get some of my designs made up!!!


  1. Masha'Allah so beautiful!

    XO Arezu

  2. ohh very nice! love talent like this. yes, chop chop missy, would love to be wearing some Ebru designs!! oh and if ur wondering, yes, i left fb AGAIN! lol.

  3. i looove these! i saved a few for my inspo files my fave is the maxi with the leather fringe and i love the wedges!!

  4. Oh I figured as much Al, lolll! Hows your sister doing with her course? Id really like to meet her IshAllah.
    Yep HR so do I!