long time no see. some SPESH NEWS and teeeheeee and bahahah

Soooo, yes instagram has taken over my life! I haven't blogged in what feels like forever but I promise I shall write a proper post up soon. Maybe some outfits I've been throwing on Insta. Its so bloomn' obsessive, its like a mash of blogging and Facebook, or like my man calls it Feces book, lol. Alhamdulillah I'm off FB, its been roughly a few months and to be totally honest I'm lovingggg it! That said Ill probably have to go back on soon because 
With the will of Allah I'm starting up my clothing line again! I've already had one design made up and as soon as i have the rest ready I shall have to be on FB for sales and advertising inshallah. I'm seriously not looking forward to getting back on there but UBER excited about my line!!!


  1. Mashallah that is great news! But in all honesty I don't think you need FB at all. You can advertise on insta and here. Once the word gets out you will gain an even bigger following inshallah. FB is such a waste of space.. Your husband is right it is feces book! Lol

  2. hahaha..
    i'm excited about your line!