Ohh so yes Ive been a lazy mo fo

K.....kkkk....k where to start?  Blame instagram. But blogging has sort of lost me. Til today. Out of sheer boredom Im here. Yay boredom.
Ive brought out a second collection to my line. And still trying to get a third out but honestly the process is sooooo damn slowww!~Really it can be draining, you have an idea, your excited, you want a sample asap, it doesn't come.....still its not ready...it comes and its so not what you envisioned.
My brain is full of ideas, unfortunately the rest cant catch up. Biggest problem with me is Im not the most driven person. I'm not craving wealth, I don't want stardom. I just love fashion, have since I can remember so when Im excited and want the ball to roll,
Or ye, I sorta say MEH and the process is slowed down til that excitement hits me again

Oh oh ohhh and yes we had a Malaysian Stailista film crew come to Australia to film Melbourne Fashion Week and a few Muslim designers and yay I was part of it! Cant wait to see it, meant to come out in Feb and inshallah will post it up here.

Here are some images from my collection
take care ya'll xx
The Cats Meow maxi dress

The Ayse tunic in navy

The Ayse in baby blue

The Sateen maxi skirt

Emboss Me pencil skirt (teamed with Fishytail Peplum from first collection)

Some of my IG pics wearing pieces from my collection


  1. Hahaha your just as bad as me.....love seeing the pics even though ibe already seen them!

  2. Gorgeous designs!
    Love everything!!



  3. You have really nice style, I love them all!
    Salam x

  4. It's looks very nice !
    I like your blue bag, very lovely .!!
    Salamalikoem !

  5. Welcome back! It always pulls one back even when you think you have given up.

  6. Welcome back indeed. Instagram is to blame indeed. I have so much content backlog :(

    It must be so frustrating by the sound of it. Your doing such a fab job mashallah.
    I need to be quicker next time when you bring out the next rang.
    Much love xoxoxo

  7. Awesome post! Thanks for sharing. Its look nice. I like your blue bag.