good things come in big packages!

my new shoes.
love them.
cant wait to wear them.
now to build an outfit around them!

oh oh, and on another note check out the cutest lil birdies in my bushy back yard!!


  1. ohhhh the shoes are so cute mashallah but I LOVE this bird what is it called?

  2. thanks! Mal Im not sure, Im assuming they are finches? how cute is it!!!!

  3. That is a very cute bird!

    And you have bought yourself some nice shoes girl!

    XO Arezu

  4. Noice shoes love the heel. Those birdy shots are lovely x

  5. Thanks Arezu!
    Samia they were so tiny and cute, I was sitting on my couch and took the photo sittn on my butt so they were pretty far so lazy lol!