lazy saturdayssss

went out Saturday arvo with the fam bam...Mexicana food and coffee in the beautiful suburb or Hawthorn. sucks that they have enormous plots of land, leafy suburbs and awesome cafes where here we have crappy crapola.....

why is it if I try and pose I look like a try hard nerm (nerdy Muslim) and when i do pose I pose like a clown? I really need to perfect some sorta pose. sucks not being beautiful so every pose, even whilst wearing a potato sack looks totally awesome...carppy crapola again

this is the only way I could keep Zaky poo in the pic!

le ring
le new leather jacket detailing


  1. love the jacket!!!!!! its hot!!! esp the zippers and i wanna squash the smooshball!!

  2. hehe he IS a smooshball!!!

  3. I can't really pose either doesn't come naturally lol. When i try & pout my kids say mum Smilee loll go figure!! The jacKet is hot and that kid just makes me go gaga mashalla

  4. ur a loser i love ur poses they are cute and natural and who says you are not beautiful COS YOU ARE!! only you think that your not so SHUT THE HELL UP also i think zack looks like a garden gnome soooo cute mashallah!!

  5. thanks Samia!
    Seyma one nice thing I say about you all the time is that I admire the way you never say bad things about ppl and your always tooooooo nice, and here u are doing just that. Thanks Shmoo xxoo
    p.s Zak is a!

  6. wow, I love that leather jacket sis...